DVD Audio Ripper

Extract the audio from your DVDs to MP3 or WAV



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Are you tired of having to play your movies or concerts on DVD to hear that song that you like?

With DVD Audio Ripper, this task will no longer be difficult. You will just insert the disc into your DVD reader and the program will recognize the files and give you the option to extract the audio from a specific chapter or from all of them.

The extraction can be either in MP3 format or WAV. Also, it allows you to edit information tags within the files to keep track of data such as artist, title, genre, or year of recording. MP3 extraction includes several configuration parameters for the user to determine, among the options, you can select the bitrate (from 90-320 KBits).

With DVD Audio Ripper, hear any part on your DVDs on your player without any effort.

You are only allowed to extract one file each time you open the program.

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